We have a very high demand for orders to collect. We will still be open between 9am and 2pm but have decided to close The Salty Dog in the afternoons to give us a chance to put these orders together.

Order and collect system and home delivery service
We have a pre order form which you can download HERE and then email back to us at

Details of how our orders, collections and deliveries work HERE.

Situated on the High Street in Presteigne, The Salty Dog offers the best in fresh fish, fruit, veg and herbs. Run by Leon and Anne-Marie, we believe that shopping should be fun not a chore.

We’ll inform you on the best buys, give you recipe ideas and allow you to sample our fruit  before you buy.

You will be given a wicker basket to do your shopping in, not a trolley with a mind of its own filled with bulk bags of fruit and vegetables. If you only want one carrot, or even one sprout, that’s fine with us. Just buy what you need.

Although we stock a large range of fresh produce, there is always something that you might need for that special occasion or recipe and if we don’t stock it all you need to do is ask us and we will search high and low for it.


14 High St, Presteigne, Powys LD8 2BA

Tel: 01544 267720


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