About The Salty Dog


Fresh Fish Fruit & Vegetables

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 The Salty Dog, your local, Fresh Fish, Fruit and Veg shop, we believe that shopping should be fun not a chore. When you arrive all you will hear is people talking and laughing, not the BLEEP, BLEEP of a scanner!

We will inform you on the best buys, give you recipe ideas and allow you to sample our fruit  before you buy.

The fresh fish counter is run by Leon, who served his apprenticeship in Harrods (a long time ago!) so nothing is too much trouble, he is a dab hand at cooking and can fillet a sprat!

You will be given a wicker basket to do your shopping in, not a trolley with a mind of its own filled with bulk bags of fruit and vegetables. If you only want one carrot, or even one sprout, that’s fine with us. Just buy what you need.

Although we stock a large range of fresh produce, there is always something that you might need for that special occasion or recipe and if we don’t stock it all you need to do is ask us and we will search high and low for it.